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  • project management

    At King Automation, we know that every project is unique. Each new assignment requires a set of procedures designed to accomplish a singular goal. We manage the industrial automation process by applying our extensive experience, knowledge, skills and techniques to execute tasks efficiently.

    Our management combined with thorough technical knowledge and communication is the key combination to achieving our customer’s milestones.

    • We drive and motivate our teams to deliver as per the agreed-to requirements;
    • Ensure that the actual design meets the scope of the project;
    • Create and track job project plans, including schedule, material and resources;
    • Coordinate the work schedule with the cross-functional plan and ensures adequate staffing;
    • Identify problem areas and provide solutions to the general project manager;
    • Organize project-specific teams and represent them at cross-functional meetings;
    • Ensure project development follows established process steps and conducts milestone reviews;
    • Development of assignment schedules and present weekly project status to the company executive team;
    • Establish, implement, and maintain operating standards and procedures for project reporting and documentation.

    King Automation provides Project Management expertise in hardware design, cabinet building, electrical and mechanical installations and software engineering, including process simulation for automated cells.



    We recognize that when selecting physical infrastructure systems, there are many factors to consider. Some of these factors include environmental conditions and regulations, standard requirements, safety, ergonomics, network run limitations, test point arrangements, and equipment protection requirements. Therefore, the solution must be well equipped and secured.

    King Automation maintains a high standard of special tooling and cabinet building. We offer qualified staff and material to make sure all systems will run smoothly and reliably for the long run, reducing deployment times, system down times, and increasing the certainty of success by using tested designs with quality checks.


    With King Automation you will find an extensive knowledge in electrical installations, troubleshooting, modifications,routine maintenance of electrical equipment, emergency notification systems, and high/low voltage wiring. We will be able to check comply with all your project needs by supplying and installing complete power, controls and, equipment and robots.

    • Efficient labeling for the correct identification and easy debugs;
    • More than just “run a cable”, making sure everything is perfectly installed; electrical and mechanical, using standard procedures in order not to damage parts and keep it well organized;
    • Measurement checks to certify the quality of installations and connections.


    King Automation has electrical/controls engineers with high knowledge and experience in designing electrical solutions to be integrated within mechanical projects and software applications, according to latest national and international standards.


    Our electrical projects team is responsible for designing control systems for advanced process/manufacturing machinery using high profile design software, such as, EPLAN and AutoCAD.Using these tools, King Automation can discuss and interpret requirements as well as resolve design related production problems, to provide you with concise engineering specifications with relevant standards.


    We believe that in addition to functioning properly, all systems must be safe.
    Our commitment is to provide reliable, state-of-the-art industrial safety systems with sensorsand logic capable of detecting abnormal operating conditions and guarantee safety operation.

    Our team develops quick response safety solutions, as well as, a fast and easy recovery system to keep production working properly after a fail event.


    Our engineers are highly trained to perform automation and the commissioning of industrial robots as well as regular maintenance and services.

    ABB, FANUC, KUKA are some of the robots manufactures that we work on many different production processes such as welding, handling, cutting, etc.

    Through modeling and simulation, our professionals refine the system design and eliminate errors before developing hardware prototypes.


    Our trained personnel have a proven track record in programming leadership and technical knowledge to set up electronic control systems for mechanical equipment, including integrating electrical wiring requirements to pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

    Our programmers possess the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to resolve operational issues related to automation.
    Therefore, they are highly trained to work with the major brands of programmable logic controllers such as Allen Bradley, Siemens and Mitsubishi.


    Thanks to the know-how gained in various industrial sectors, we are ready to assist our customers in understanding their problemsby providing integrated hardware/software solutions for the supervision of industrial plants, acquisition and processing of production data and quality control of production and storage processes.

    Working with supervisory systems software leaders like Wonderware, WinCC, ZenOn able us to respond with high level of precision and quality by demanding control solutions.


    In the startup phase of a project, the ability to troubleshoot is crucial and the team must have a comprehensive understanding of the whole system components. King Automation experts can provide the critical support needed during this key phase so that your maintenance program can truly begin to be deployed.

    For a successful launch, a startup follows these phases:

    • Massive amount of testing of devices and equipment to verify proper operation and functionality;
    • Identify and resolve operational and/or hardware issues and provide solutions for permanent fixes;
    • Proper preparation and optimization of equipment parameters to obtain the maximum performance of production. Also, avoids inadvertent wear of equipment.

    In fact, we understand that a startup phase must be handled with caution to provide a smooth transition, to the overall implementation schedule.


    Environment analysis, servo configuration and optimization are necessary for implementing the best approach for the specific application.


    Providing the end user with clear and concise procedures is one of the most important steps after a project phase is completed. King Automation can develop operational and maintenance manuals for future reference. During the training phase, our specialists can discuss the line functionality concept and offer the best approach to recover it after a fail event.


    Are you looking for optimize time, reduce cost of product design changes and select the best production method prior to the start of production? We have the expertise to serve your industry by providing a qualified team working with one of the most reliable sources: Siemens Process Simulate.

    Process Simulate utilizes organizational knowledge and 3D models of product design in order to virtually validate the manufacturing processes, optimizing and commissioning, resulting in faster launches and higher production quality.

    Resource main features:

    • Static and dynamic collision detection;
    • 2D and 3D sections;
    • Sequencing of operations;
    • Automatic assembly path planning;
    • Resource modeling (3D geometry and kinematics);
    • Line and workstation design;
    • 3D interactive documentation, including electronic work instructions;
    • Advanced filtering and display of product and manufacturing information (PMI).


    Today’s requirements for high quality, fast and accurate field implementation demands well developed software.

    Working cohesively with PLC, Robotics and Hardware Design departments, King Automation is able to emulate a virtual environment to validate and optimize the PLC and Robots Logic, Collision Zones and Cycle time Optimization ahead of installation.

    Offline simulation decreases the field start-up time and increases software reliability by detecting issues that can be corrected during hardware development and/or installation.

    With Virtual Commissioning and Simulation packs in hand, making changes to live production lines was never so easy.


    King Automation helps your business to maintain high availability with integrated maintenance, support and managed services. This allows for better performance of your automation, mechanical, electrical, electronic systems, PC based controls, etc.

    Our robust, flexible service-level options are designed to prevent problems and resolve issues more quickly by protecting your production environment.


    If you need qualified assistance to maintain, repair and modify automotive manufacturing & test equipment to improve systems uptime and reliability, we can supply it for you.

    Our professionals are trained to work with oversee equipment modifications for process changes, new models and expansions.

    All ESA, offer high levels of automation experience with PLCs, specifically Siemens and Allen Bradley, as well as Robot control systems such as Kuka and ABB robotics. In addition, we are also knowledgeable in industrial maintenance, mechanical, electrical, electronic systems and PC based controls.


    To maintain an industrial process operating, we offer skilled professional able to analyze downtime data to find areas of poor performance and work closely with ESAs and production to implement uptime improvements.

    They can advise and conduct preventative maintenance activities and determine root cause of issues and provide solutions for permanent fixes.

    All SSB, offer high levels of automation experience with PLCs, specifically Siemens and Allen Bradley, as well as Robot control systems such as Kuka and ABB robotics. In addition, we are also knowledgeable in industrial maintenance, mechanical, electrical, electronic systems and PC based controls.

  • Automotive


    • Best fit application;
    • Body shop joint technologies (rivet, clinch, spot weld, mig weld, laser weld, etc);
    • Assembly / marriage power train;
    • Paint process (E-coat, wax station, etc);
    • Cameras for parts identifications.




    • PC drivers;
    • Technological softwares for sorting, scramble, measurement, stacking;
    • High level languages.



    Water Treatment:

    • Configuration and tuning of PID controls for pumps and mixers;
    • Commissioning of analogic sensors;
    • Following all the regulations required to provide environmental standards;